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Meet the Fae of Our Fae Queen

Over the next few weeks, I’ll introduce you to some of the Fae in the world of my reverse harem series, Our Fae Queen.

When I started writing the books in what I now call the Our Fae Queen series, I used mythologies from across the world to create my Fae.

Of course, some Fae are Elves. ?‍♀️ Our FMC, Glori herself, is an Elf. Those are easy enough to remember.

But to create the rest of the Fae, I researched world mythologies and discovered that a TON of cultures around the world saw ‘wee fairies’ in the wild. Similar ones!

Dwarves, Duende, Aziza, Alux, Leprechaun, Chaneque, Jogah, Brownies, Earth Spirits

They all have different names for them, but the ideas are all very similar.

Folklore from Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and the Philippines often refer to a supernatural being or spirit resembling a pixie or imp as a duende.

The ancient Aztecs called them chaneques, while Mayans named them aluxob. West Africans legends spoke of aziza.

They all share many similarities. I borrowed a little from all of them to create my Duwende.

? I made them slightly taller, though. In the Our Fae Queen series, the Duwende are usually under five feet tall, with long hair, only four digits to a hand (three fingers and a thumb), and the men have beards.

?‍♂️ Naturally resistant to other Fae magic and able to see through both Elven glamor and Kitsune illusions, Duwende have fared the best as magic withers.

? They are supernaturally strong and can sense the true nature of things. Peaceful introverts, Duwende prefer to live away from other Fae and have an affinity for the earth. They feel at home in caverns, old houses, and places the other Fae feel uncomfortable going.

? Since most of their opponents are taller, they favor bows, crossbows, and atlatl dart throwers to keep them at a distance, but they are also good wrestlers. Duwende strength and shields protect them from downward strikes, and their long-handled hammers and short blades attack taller Elven legs.

What’s an atlatl, you ask? Here’s a YouTube video showing you how this weapon works.

Next week, I’ll tell you more about other Fae in my series! Starting with the Veela

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