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Fae Legends in Our Fae Queen

Last week, I told you all about the Duwende, a type of Fae I created from an amalgamation of several legends from around the world. 

This week, I’m here to tell you about the ones I decided to call Veela.

Somehow it wasn’t until AFTER I wrote the books that I remembered that they show up in the fourth book of the Harry Potter series! ?

Milos Marko Vila

Víla, Wind Demons, Nymphs, Bean Sídhe, Sirens, and Banshees

I drew on all of these myths to come up with my version of the Veela.

They all share some similarities with the original Slavic legends about the víla, who could transform themselves into a whirlwind.

In Slavic mythology, they dance, and they can heal. They also take horrible revenge on those who insult them or go against their codes of conduct.

To dance with them meant never returning home again…

? In my books, the Veela are both men and women. They hate and punish oathbreakers. They love battle and have participated in many human conflicts over the centuries. They keep their hair short to avoid disadvantage in a fight.

⚔ As natural warriors, Veela specialize in no weapon, but will use whatever is available. Thanks to their dancing and footwork, they are as skilled at unarmed combat as they are at swordfighting.

? In ordinary times, they prefer open areas, cliffs, and the canyons where they can fly. They are passionate berserkers, and even the winds respond to their fury.

? Their dance and seductive voices can enchant humans, but their battle cry and banshee-like screams can shatter human ear drums and even drive them insane, while having a lesser effect on other Fae.

Just as many authors make use of Elves, Dwarves, and so on, the Vila are also a great myth to draw from.

? Even though I’d forgotten all about the veela in the Harry Potter series, my Veela turned out quite a bit different, thankfully! ?

? Stick around, because NEXT week, I’ll tell you about the Nixies. If you’ve read Book 1 already, you’ll have met Angel, who doesn’t know he’s a Nixie

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