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What’s the difference? RH vs. ménage vs. polyamorous fiction

Reverse harem vs. ménage vs. polyamory

Honestly, I love all three! 🥰 And it’s in the spirit of the #WhyChoose movement not to pick just one.

Everyone thinks they know the difference, but when it comes right down to it, we don’t all agree. 🤔 Head on over to my Facebook group to join the debate with other RH lovers!

Indeed… Why Choose?

The graphic above sums up my opinion. In ménage, you can have threesomes, but the focus is on the “hinge” character, the one in the middle of the V. The red-headed woman, in this case.

By its strictest definition, reverse harem means our FMC has a harem of three or more men, who focus exclusively on her, even during group sexy times.

Polyamorous fiction can include any type of multi-person relationship. As a polyamorous person myself, I can tell you that when we diagram out all the relationships between us, it gets A LOT more complicated than what’s in this graphic.

Of course, many of us RH writers blur the line between strict RH and poly fiction, because various members of the harem might, um, interact with other harem members. And their stiff members. ?

In other words, you can expect some M/M action in the later books of my Fae Queendom series! ? The books center around Glori and her five consorts, who help her become Queen of the Fae. Get updates from me along with exclusive bonus content that doesn’t appear in the books!

What do you think?

Our Fae Queen is reverse harem with poly themes throughout. Angel is polyamorous from the beginning, and most Fae are polyamorous.

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