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Happy 2021!

It’s a brand new year, and that means it’s time for another update. Sign up to get weekly updates like this in your inbox, along with bonus content like alternate point-of-view sexy scenes not found in the books!

Status of Fae Queendom RH series

? The Lost Queen, Book 1 of my six-book reverse harem #WhyChoose series, is on its umpteenth draft. I’m due for one more quick pass before it’s off to my editor and typo hunting team in February. (Let me know if you’d like to join!)

Books 2-5 are on their second drafts, and I’m on the second draft of Book 6 now. Once I get feedback from my reader team, I’ll do a third pass on all of them before sending them off to the editor as well. ✅

Cover design is supposed to begin in February, so look out for cover reveals in March! ?

Slowly going crazy…

Almost! I recently put together an INSANE spreadsheet to keep track of all six books in the process along with marketing efforts and so on… WHEW! It’s going to be nuts keeping all these plates spinning. ?‍♀️

? When I publish them, they’re going to be back to back! Probably a month apart so I can get promotions properly lined up.

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