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What a great launch!

Find out what readers are saying in this post!

I spread all my launch activities out over a few weeks with this one, and it has been a wild ride! I can’t wait to see how things go with the last two books…

Here’s what people are saying about this book…

Malischa Weijkamp from the Netherlands left the very first review of Book 4!

She called out the “great worldbuilding, wonderfull characters” and how Glori’s character has developed over time: “everytime she becomes more powerfull.”

On, Shamell said:
“This latest edition had me glued to my kindle screen, barely blinking till I was done. By the end I was so into that when the words the end came up. I almost cried. All I can ask is please please release book 5 I’m begging you.”

On, oh4foxsake called it the “Best book yet” and added:
“Great book – I blew through this series in a weekend and am bummed to wait for the last two books as it’s definitely getting good now, not just with the consorts, but with Glori.”

On, Dawn M said, “Wow!!” and “This is one epic read”

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