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Book 4 is here!

Fated Queen book cover

Just a quick note to say that Fated Queen has arrived!

Glori will get her first-ever threesome… on her birthday! ??

She also finally accepts her fate as future queen of the Fae, and acts accordingly.

Now on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited!

I’m our best shot at survival, and he’s the last of his kind. But can we create a consort bond? 

With three consorts already magically bonded to me, I’m fated to become Fae royalty… until a traitor among us delivers me into an Unseelie trap. 

The previous queen’s murderer still lives, and she’ll do anything to take my throne. 

Oathbreakers, reluctant consorts, and a captive heir… Can we stop the Unseelie who now possess the secrets of the ancient scrolls? 

We have to. Because if we fail, the men I’ve come to love will die. 

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