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Shout out to the very first Our Fae Queen readers!

All my love! 💙💚💜

Thank you for believing in me from the beginning, before I even had a complete series out there! I’m so thrilled!

Our Fae Queen complete series showing all 6 book covers

I also want to give a HUGE shout-out to three very important people…

I couldn’t have done it without my original reader team!

Bianca, Mayara Oliveira, and Andréa T. stuck it out through the ENTIRE series to give me their feedback on ALL SIX books.

Others on my original team gave feedback on earlier books in the series, giving me a good foundation for the rest even though they couldn’t keep reading later books.

My early reader team helped me shape the Encante into what it is today! ✨✨✨

That’s why their names will always be in the Acknowledgments at the back of the Our Fae Queen books.

Thank you ALL for your valuable input!

The Encante wouldn’t be what it is without you!

Want to help me shape a NEW series?

The Infernal Rending #1 Mel's Vampire Coven by Traci Lovelot teaser image with cityscape and magic glow

Join the reader team to be the first to read Mel’s Vampire Coven, an enemies to lovers and DOUBLE second chance romance trilogy I’m currently writing.

That’s right, Mel gets a second chance with her old academy sweetheart who mysteriously disappeared to save his twin.

And his twin gets a second chance with the guy who treated him as nothing more than a summer fling.

(All M/M scenes in the trilogy will happen after Mel comes into their lives. And no twincest!)

It’s gonna be one wild reverse harem coming together by the end of the trilogy!

It takes place in the Infernal Rending Universe, the same as Demon Hunter Academy.

Find out more about joining my reader team!

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