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Series Sale on Our Fae Queen!

To celebrate the impending launch of Our Fae Queen series finale, Book 6, Warrior Queen, the first three books are on sale for a week!

Grab your forever copies at Amazon now.

Get the first three books of this fantasy romance reverse harem series on sale!

About Our Fae Queen

The sweeping romantic fantasy tale of Gloriana’s journey from a shy college student to a Fae queen unlike any before. 

Along the way, she must balance loyalty to her human friend and their shared dreams against the needs of the Fae people who are counting on their queen to restore their long-lost magic. To do so, Gloriana will need to renew the fading Tree of Life by bonding with five ethereally handsome Fae consorts.

Legends say that every hundred millennia a Queen of Queens will rise…

Note: 18+ only. Book 1 contains scenes of trauma dealt by the baddies, but no sexual violence. All intimate encounters with Glori’s consorts are consensual. 

  • Full-length novels
  • A steamy story with substance!
  • Slow-burn / slow-build (5 consorts gathered over 6 books)
  • Steamy group scenes in later books involve M/M but always include Glori
  • Poly themes

Expect unusual shapeshifters, a different take on faerie myths, and a sheltered heroine finding her inner strength. She’ll find limitless love with multiple Fae, who will help bring her out of her shell.

If you enjoy slow-burn romantic tension spanning two worlds, you’ll devour Traci Lovelot’s six-book series, Our Fae Queen.

What readers are saying about this reverse harem book series: 

“I loved how the characters are so different. This is definitely going to be a slow burn but I’m here for it. Good read!” — Bianca, (Book 1)

“I think I found my new favorite author.” — Annalisa, (Book 1)

“I loved this first book! I’m going to devour the series!” — KJ, (Book 1)

I’m hooked” — Laura, Goodreads (Book 1)

“This is well written and I devoured it! I can not wait to see what happens next” — Dawn M, (Book 1)

My first RH novel and I will continue to read the series!” — KH, (Book 1)

“I REALLY LOVED THIS BOOK!!” — Malischa, Goodreads (Book 1)

“The storyline just keeps getting better and better! I am so hooked on Glori’s story and can’t wait to find out what happens in book 3!” — Jen Smart, (Book 2)

“Book 2 is a fantastic follow up and I honestly can’t wait for the rest of the series!” — Andrea Davidson, (Book 2)

“I loved this book. I can’t wait for book 3.” — Angelina Bao, (Book 2)

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