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The series finale is here at last!

Last updated on April 2, 2022

Our Fae Queen Complete Series Now Available (Warrior Queen cover)

What can you expect from Warrior Queen, Our Fae Queen Book 6?

  • Hot threesomes 🔥🔥🔥
  • Cool new magic powers
  • Sweet one-on-one love and cuddles
  • Newfound respect between guys in the harem
  • Primal sex after a chase
  • Epic battles 💥
  • Sexy swords crossing M/M action ⚔
  • All the angst!
  • Spanking! 👏
  • Someone in the Fae realm who shouldn’t be…
  • Polyamorous reverse harem love 🥰
  • A monstrous new shapeshift
  • Happily ever after! 😍

And if you’re in the middle of something else right now, why not add Warrior Queen to your Bookbub Wishlist or Goodreads TBR shelf so you don’t forget?

You just missed the big sale on Books 1 – 3 to celebrate the series finale launch. To find out about future sales — and when the series comes out in box sets and audiobooks — sign up here. You’ll also get goodies… 😘

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