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Bound to the Queen is on sale for 99c!

With the series finale right around the corner, now’s a great time to catch up on the series!

Grab your copy of Book 3 for 99c in the US, 99p in the UK, and similar elsewhere.

If you’re looking for a good love story with plot PLUS steam, then this RH series is for you! 📚

Bound to the Queen 99c sale for a limited time only

👑 Our Fae Queen contains:

  • ✨ A bond formed through magic
  • ✨ Protective lovers
  • ✨ Flirty & playful lovers
  • ✨ Nerdy lovers
  • ✨ Dominant lovers
  • ✨ Submissive lovers
  • ✨ Sex magic!
  • ✨ Reverse harem with 5 guys
  • ✨ Groveling
  • ✨ M/M that always includes the FMC
  • ✨ Magic, mayhem, monsters!
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