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What they’re saying about Marked for the Pack

Read Marked for the Pack for 99c: Why Choose, wolf shifters, heat, fated mates, forced proximity

I am dying for you to read this book!

It has it all! 

Freya’s heat will finally arrive! 

Yes, there’s a claiming bite you won’t want to miss! 

And the ‘touch her and die’ in this book… *chef’s kiss* If I do say so myself. 😆

They promised to protect me during my heat. But are any of us ready for what happens afterward? 

With my old pack hunting me down, my alphas protect me on my journey, even though I didn’t ask them to. But it’s a good thing, because my heat hits sooner than any of us expected… and with the worst possible timing. 

I keep thinking like a typical wolf shifter, expecting to choose just one of them as my mate. 

But I’m not just a wolf, am I? What if… instead of one, I’m falling for them all?

What early readers are saying…


“I loved every page and especially the heat pages. Can’t wait for more!!!” – Helena on Goodreads

“This story has everything! From steamy parts to adventurous parts! Amazing!”  – Heather on Goodreads

“This series is spicyyyyyyy! but not just that, it has so much action in it and our fmc is like an incredible badass even tho she can’t shift. She doesn’t give up, she fights for what she believes in and for who she loves. I love all these characters” – Kyara on Goodreads

“I loved the book” – Erin on Goodreads

“Flint, Gage, and Heath are on my list of forever book boyfriends! They are hot! The sex scenes are on fire! I especially liked the scene in the restaurant.” – Katie on Goodreads

Special thanks to all my beta readers and ARC readers for helping this book go from good to awesome! 

I’m mostly recovered from covid now, but it has certainly set me back a bit.So, I really appreciate everyone’s help getting the word out about this book!

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