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Read Marked for the Pack for 99c!

Marked for the Pack is ready to read!

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Read Marked for the Pack for 99c: Why Choose, wolf shifters, heat, fated mates, forced proximity

The pack alpha calmly sat there watching me come unraveled as his two packmates touched me under the table, yet he didn’t move a muscle. 

Except for the intense heat in his gaze, he could’ve been watching a movie. 

The only sign the scene before him affected him at all was a slight tick as his jaw clenched.

“Don’t let him win,” Flint whispered in my ear.

All the chocolate from yesterday helped me recover from covid 😂 

Hope you got tons of chocolate, too! On V-day it doesn’t count. 😉

Don’t forget to grab the bonus epilogue when you reach the end of the book!

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