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Marked for the Pack cover reveal and backstage secrets!

Gaze upon this wonderful new book cover! 😍

I’m so thrilled to bring you the cover reveal of Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2: Marked for the Pack!

It reminds me I better hurry up and finish writing this beautiful book 😅Read new chapters as I write them on my Patreon community!

Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2: Marked for the Pack by Traci Lovelot shows huge alpha wolves protecting Freya

I know what you’re thinking… when can I get my hands on the ebook!?

My plan is to release Book 2 in February sometime, hopefully early Feb.

But Traci’s Reader Team gets to read the rough draft THIS MONTH! 🤯 🆓

My reader team gives their feedback on the rough draft to help me take my books from good to AWESOME. 

You really have no idea how much they helped me improve Our Fae Queen and Mel’s Vampire Coven. 

Want your shot at shaping my books? 

Join the team to get your name in the Acknowledgments FOR ALL TIME!

Read my future books free… 😘

The kiss that shocked me 💋

In Protected by Outcasts, Gage hates female wolves, something that his packmate Flint didn’t know when he rescued Freya and brought her back to the pack.

As a result, Gage and Freya have a little bit of an enemies-to-lovers or love/hate dynamic going on… 

Which is why I was shocked when Gage kissed Freya! 🤯

I really thought Mr. Hates All Women would wait until at least Book 2.

I had no plans for Gage to kiss Freya in Book 1. And yet…

Sometimes characters surprise even us authors! 💥

As far as I’m concerned, Gage stole that kiss!

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