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Read the complete fae RH series for under $2!

The box set of Books 4-6 is here!

 Complete series image shows both Our Fae Queen box sets with 99c underneath each

Escape into the enchanted fae realm in my debut RH series… for under $2!

To save the Fae and their magic, the royal guard will do anything to find their lost queen.

There’s just one problem… she doesn’t even know she’s not human.

Meet the five Fae warriors she’ll fall for in this COMPLETE series, now in two convenient sets:

A teaser just for you…

Watching him unzip his fly was quite possibly the hottest thing ever. His silver hair draped over his shoulders, hiding his delicious chest from me.

His amber gaze never wavered. Even though he wasn’t exactly doing a strip tease, I still felt myself getting wet as he freed himself from his pants. 

He was hard for me already, and with his eyes on me, he ran a hand from his tip on down.

I liked what I saw. For a moment, I felt like he was offering himself to me as his queen.

Then his thumbs found the tops of my panties and pulled them slowly down my thighs. His head dipped lower…

None of my past boyfriends had ever offered to do this for me, but now I craved it. His hands circled around to cup my butt, gently guiding me to sit against the bed.

“Trust me.” He looked up at me. “You’ll want to be sitting down for this.”

His low voice, combined with the way he gazed up at me like that, on his knees… I melted.

Complete fantasy series shows both covers

Read the entire series within these two beautiful box sets!

Ever wonder if authors get paid when you reread your favorite books?

Psst, I wrote a whole blog post about this. 

Spoilers below 😂 

Authors only get paid the first time you read a book in KU! 😱

But box sets count as a separate ‘book’ in Amazon’s eyes. 

So yes, thank you for supporting your favorite authors by choosing to reread the box sets !More info if you’re curious

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