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Top Secret Team Schedule

As a member of Traci’s Reader Team, you have access to secrets nobody else does! 🤫

IMPORTANT: Please do NOT send this page to those who aren’t on the team!

(They can try to join the team by going through the gauntlet like you did!)

Table of Contents

Coming soon…

I generally try to publish books every 90 days, give or take a couple weeks.

My plan in 2023 was to get even faster, but, alas, Real Life butted in. 😂

Remember to keep all of this CONFIDENTIAL! 🤫 Especially since dates may shift…

Nothing is set in stone, especially with the busy year I have planned, but here’s the idea:

  • THIS month: Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1 ARCs go to my ARC Angels just before publication (please review)
  • October: Finalized standalone novella in the Rejected Wolf Pack world will be ready to read
  • November: RWP2 rough draft needs your input!
  • January 2024: RWP2 ARCs go to my ARC Angels just before publication (please review)
  • February 2024: RWP3 rough draft needs your input!
  • April 2024: RWP3 ARCs go to my ARC Angels just before publication (please review!)
  • May 2024: RWP4 rough draft needs your input!!
  • July 2024: RWP4 go to my ARC Angels just before publication (please review!)
  • September 2024: Mel’s Vampire Coven box set arrives (please copy over your reviews of the individual books!)
  • October 2024: A new series begins… will it be another wolf shifter series? You can help me decide!

RWP2 = Rejected Wolf Pack Book 2

*Only TAA members get ARCs. See below.*

If you start falling behind at any point, you can always email me and come back in later when you have more time. Don’t worry! 🤗

*Want to read future ARCs?*

You are ALWAYS welcome to read the rough drafts of my books in exchange for your feedback as part of my reader team! 👍

However, I only send FREE, finalized Advance Review Copies (ARCs) to those who are willing and able to leave reviews.

That means Traci’s ARC Angels (TAA) is a smaller subgroup of Traci’s Reader Team (TRT).

ALL reader team members have the opportunity to give input on the rough drafts of my books. Reviewing my books will get you access to future ARCs when you join TAA.

Did you review an ARC of Mel’s Vampire Coven?

If you reviewed an ARC for MVC, you’re already part of Traci’s ARC Angels, so you’ll get a copy of my new wolf shifter series automatically.

If you get books 1 and 2 of a series, you’ll also get later books, no worries.

Note: If we haven’t seen a review from you on any MVC books, you may be considered inactive, which means you may not receive an ARC of the new series wolf shifter RH series after MVC.

What needs reviewed right now?

Please review Mel’s Vampire Coven!

🙏 I would REALLY REALLY appreciate it! 💖

Then you can join Traci’s ARC Angels by emailing me your review!

Too late (recently completed!)

Reading Order

Rejected Wolf Pack is set in a separate universe from my other series, so you don’t need to read anything else to know what’s going on. The standalone novella can be read before or after the Rejected Wolf Pack main series, which is a continuous storyline and should be read in order. Chronologically, the novella and RWP1 technically take place during the same time period.

Since 😈 Demon Hunter Academy is also a standalone, you can read it before or after 🩸 Mel’s Vampire Coven, which is a trilogy that must be read in order from Book 1 to 3. Chronologically, 😈 DHA takes place two decades before 🩸 MVC1 begins. They’re all set in the Infernal Rending Universe.

👑 Our Fae Queen is a totally separate universe with a continuous storyline, and should be read in order from Book 1 to Book 6.

🤔 Got other questions about Traci’s Reader Team? 

❓ Check out my FAQs!

📅 This page was last updated on: 5 September 2023