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Do you reread your favorite books?

There’s nothing quite like sinking into a familiar story and visiting familiar characters like they’re old friends. 🥰

But if you use Kindle Unlimited to revisit books you’ve borrowed before, there’s something you should know about double dipping

Beware the double dip! 😱

If you re-read a Kindle Unlimited book twice, Amazon will NOT pay the author the second time.

Kindle Unlimited only pays authors for your FIRST read

If you re-read a KU book, authors don’t get paid the second time, only the first time. 😓

Below are some ways to pay your favorite authors twice (and keep them writing!) 😍

#1: Read the Kindle Unlimited ebook, then buy a copy to reread

Some readers will read books in KU, and then buy their favorites to reread them later.

This is sometimes known as buying a “forever copy” of the book.

And authors? We LOVE readers who are so kind to do that! 🥰

Here’s another option:

#2: Read individual books, then reread the omnibus box set, all in Kindle Unlimited

If there’s an omnibus box set of the books, Amazon considers this a new “book.”

So, if you read the individual version of a Book 1, and then you read the exact same Book 1 in a box set, the author gets paid twice for it because Amazon considers those different books.

Kind of like borrowing the same book from the library twice. You may not get the exact same copy you borrowed before, but it’s still the same book!

#3: Read the ebook, then buy a paperback, hardcover, or audiobook to reread!

This helps the author regardless of whether you originally read the ebook in Kindle Unlimited or not.

🙏 Thanks for reading, no matter which way you choose!

Don’t worry, Amazon doesn’t consider any of these to be gaming the system.

Similarly to how you can listen to music on a streaming service and then buy digital copies of the song or a collector’s edition CD or vinyl album, all of the above options are equally legitimate.

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