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They have No Good Intentions…

Mel’s Vampire Coven Book 2 is out and there’s a sale to celebrate!

Demon Hunter Academy is 99c, A Match for Hell is 2.99, and No Good Intentions is out now

You know they’re totally going to hell, right?

Things heat up between Mel and Nico, but I don’t want to spoil it.  

Let’s just say there’s a few orgasmic bites involved… 😏

And a threesome… or two! 😘

 Mel’s Vampire Coven has all this and more…

🩸 Crew of misfits expected to fail

🩸 Stranded together (forced proximity)

🩸 Orgasmic vampire bites

🩸 Twins in the harem

🩸 Marriage of convenience (forced marriage)

🩸 Second chance romance 

🩸 Secrets and scars

🩸 Enemies who work together to save the world

🩸 Rescuing each other 

🩸 Tortured past & redemption

🩸 RH with MM (always includes her)

The characters are hot, their chemistry is through the roof, they all kick ass, and they may just save the world. 

His dark gaze fell on my lips as he whispered, “Do you want to come with my fangs in your throat?”

Mel's Vampire Coven: No Good Intentions (Infernal Rending #2 by Traci Lovelot) shows woman in black casting lightning magic with a flaming sword in a city

Enemies to lovers turns into forced marriage!

What’s a witch to do when the monsters she hates become the mates she can’t live without?

This book was so much fun to write! 

You’re going to tear through it for sure.

The Middleman: A bonus chapter from Mel’s Vampire Coven Book 2

 How about a bonus threesome scene?

As soon as you get done reading No Good Intentions, you’re gonna want this bonus chapter… 

I can’t say too much for risk of SPOILERS. 🤫

But it involves a certain threesome… And this is from the perspective of, uh, the man in the middle. 😏

If ya know what I mean… 

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