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First Draft Complete!

It is done! I finished the first draft of Book 6, the final book in my Fae Queendom reverse harem series! Words cannot describe how stoked I am to have a full, thick, delicious, COMPLETE series here in front of me.

Allow me a moment to bask in this and make some not-at-all-humble brags:

In 2019, when I wrote the first draft of Books 1-3, I wrote 159,307 words.

This year, when I wrote the first draft of Books 4-6 and the prequel novella, I wrote 233,142 words.

Yes, my plan is to rapid release the entire series. Publishing of Book 1 will likely be in early to mid 2021, with each book a month from the last (after a final typo hunting pass).

Word Counts for Each RH Book

Some of the early books came in a little light, and I’ll be helping them bulk up for you ladies when I get into revisions, but here’s the first draft count:

  • ~24k word first draft of the prequel novella (11 chapters — read them now!)
  • ~43k word first draft of Book 1
  • ~66k word first draft of Book 2
  • ~54k word first draft of Book 3
  • ~82k word first draft of Book 4
  • ~60k word first draft of Book 5
  • ~62k word first draft of Book 6

Yeah, Book 4 is a beast. That may be the only one that gets trimmed during revisions. Or who knows, maybe the rest will bulk up to be his size. *arched eyebrow*

Monthly Word Counts

More brags!

In 2019, each of the first three books took me three months to write. My best ever monthly word count was ~31k ish words, and that was in 2017. But thanks (?) to the pandemic throwing everything into chaos and making it where I had NOTHING to do except sit in my bunker and write, I knocked it out of the park in 2020. April, May, June, and July all surpassed that old best-ever monthly word count.

  • April 2020 word count: 55,729
  • May 2020 word count: 64,111 (new best!)
  • June 2020 word count: 44,246
  • July 2020 word count: 40,767

March didn’t even come close to my old best-ever count, mostly due to anxiety. Everything was in chaos the world over, and I know it wasn’t an easy month for anyone. Things drastically improved once I decided to start focusing on the things I could control (like my writing) instead of the things I couldn’t (the economy, the virus, my friends’ and family’s behaviors). Not that I’m anxiety-free now, by any stretch of the imagination. But it’s better.

Writing Is Rewriting

What’s up next?

Well, first, I’m going to take a break! No writing at all next week. I have several ideas for bonus scenes, alternate POV scenes, and novellas I will write for loyal subscribers to my newsletter and my Patreon, but for now, I’m riding off into the sunset!

When I return, I’m going to dive in to revisions on all six books. How I’ll organize that, I have NO IDEA! But I hope to send Book 1 to my reader team on September 1, 2020 to get reader feedback. And then each book after that on the first of every month following.

Speaking of which… Come read my books for free in exchange for your much-needed feedback!

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