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Demon Hunter Academy is FREE!

Did you miss it last week? Well, this standalone reverse harem is now available to read… FREE! 😈

 Read Demon Hunter Academy before it’s published. I’m a witch without magic, hopeless to avenge my family

She’ll fall for her attentive healer, the professor who restores her magic, and her classmate who tutors her on all the classes she missed…

 A few of our favorite things…

Demon Hunter Academy has all this and more!

  • Reverse harem
  • All main characters in 20s
  • Teacher/student
  • Patient/healer (magical healing)
  • Academy romance
  • Afraid to commit
  • Tragic past
  • FMC with disability
  • Revenge for family
  • Steamy scenes
  • MM on the side

Plus, it’s a standalone that leads into a bigger universe of demon hunters.

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It’s great to get the word out before it’s published! The more the merrier! Tell your friends where they can read the book, and if somebody asks about a good standalone or demon RH on Facebook, let them know, too!

Demon Hunter Academy: A Standalone Reverse Harem cover shows Nimue with a metal arm wielding magic
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