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Upcoming publishing schedule

Last updated on April 2, 2022

Publishing is such a PRODUCTION. There’s a million rounds of revisions.

? Killing your darlings is legit. I’ve killed oh-so-many-darlings. Grammatically, I mean!

Every book is a liiiiiittle different, and each gave me a hard time in its own unique way.

? Can you tell I’m a little sick of revisions? That’s what I get for writing six books BACK TO BACK. ?

But hey, guess what? Book 1 is coming soon for FREE. If you’re getting my author updates, you’ll be the first to know when it’s ready. ?

Stick around and I’ll tell you all about my upcoming publishing schedule below!

Get some hot dates!

Next week


  • I start sharing Book 1 to social media like it’s going out of style. Help me find more readers by sharing my posts!


  • Preorder for Book 1, The Lost Queen, should go up at the beginning of May.
    • That should give me enough time to ensure everything’s in good shape, since this is my first book launch under this pen name. (And my first book launch in over 5 years under ANY pen name…)
  • Around May 20ish, Book 1 should be officially published and available for purchase on Amazon and up for borrow with KU.
    • That’s also when you can post reviews, please!
  • And Book 2, Consorts for the Queen, will go up for preorder at Book 1’s launch!


  • Consorts for the Queen will go live around June 10ish.

That’s the plan, anyway!

You can stay up to date with the books on the Books page.

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