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The secrets of wolf shifter heats🌔

When they can barely resist her scent…

Heath’s arm tightened around my shoulders. “I remember watching you come without a sound. Good practice for today, little wolf. Because Flint and I are going to drive you wild.”

Gage’s intense gaze remained locked on me as I panted and tried not to whimper. Then his lips curled up in a smirk.

“Put her to the test,” Gage told the others. “If she makes so much as a sound, she doesn’t get to come for the next five days.”

One half-breed wolf shifter who can’t shift and the three hot, possessive alphas who will stop at nothing to protect her… Read Rejected Wolf Pack Book 1 to get ready for… 🥁

Marked for the Pack by Traci Lovelot shows Freya and her alpha wolves on the cover

How to read Marked for the Pack EARLY

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Image shows wolves howling at the moon

Real-world wolf mating season vs heats

In real life, wolves’ mating season is in February or March for about five to seven days. 📆

In Rejected Wolf Pack, that’s true, too, except…

When a wolf shifter meets her mate — or mates — 😏 for the first time, it triggers her first heat. 🔥

This happens to Jasmine in Snowed in with Shifters (read it free!)

As well as Freya in the Rejected Wolf Pack series!

But you might be surprised to learn that I was actually inspired by… Star Trek.

Specifically, by Spock ✨ 😍 ✨

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