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Ready for the fireworks?

I don’t know about you, but since Independence Day falls midweek this year, I’ve been stuffing my face the weekend before and will probably continue into the weekend! 

Pasta salad, wings, burgers… Yum! 

But you know what I can never get enough of? Wieners 😂

 Why choose romances you can sink your teeth into shows all three Rejected Wolf Pack book covers

“You’ll trade your body in exchange for my pack’s protection,” Gage said, his back still to me. “I want to hear you say it.” He gestured at the others. “So all of us can hear.”

Sensing my hesitation, Gage whirled on me, his hard eyes piercing me, searching out my weakness.

His voice rose in warning. “We’ll use you in whatever way we want, whenever we want, however often we want.”

Stick around to watch Freya get alllll the wieners she desires 😆

Don’t forget to add Rejected Wolf Pack Book 3 to your TBR!

You can add it on Goodreads,, Bookbub, and wherever else you track your books!  

Untamed Shifters is now available for preorder!

It will arrive to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited on August 1, although Amazon may say August 31. 

This is just a preventative measure to keep Amazon from deleting the preorder, which has been happening to some authors recently when they don’t immediately upload the final ebook files.

Since the book is still with my editor, I can’t upload the final files just yet. 

But it will be ready by August 1! 

Get ready to walk on the wild side this summer with Untamed Shifters!

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Enjoy all the wieners this week! 😂 See you next week! 🎆🎆🎆

P.S. For the non-Americans – July 4th is Independence Day, aka the USA’s birthday. 🎇 Just in case I confused you!

P.P.S. When it comes to cookout foods…   I actually hate hot dogs 🤫

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