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All about our Flirty Bad Boy, Heath

Meet our pack playboy…

Ready for some juicy pack secrets? 😏

I’m spilling the tea on Heath, our deliciously unpredictable alpha from the Rejected Wolf Pack series. 

Heath started as just a flirty playboy, but oh my, did he evolve! 🔥 

He’s now our smirking bad boy with a hidden soft side. And let me tell you, he’s full of surprises…

Heath does what he wants… or what he thinks he wants, at that moment. And then second-guesses himself later, as you may have noticed.

Heath is playful & flirty, an alpha, a sly negotiator, and a silver-white wolf

Curious about Heath’s bisexuality? His mysterious past? His unexpected challenge to Freya? 

There’s so much more to uncover about this alpha hottie! 🤫

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Meet the Pack! 🐺

Missed out on getting to know our other sexy alphas? Check out their character cards, too:

And stay tuned for Rowan’s reveal in August! 😍Remember, in this pack, our leading lady doesn’t have to choose – she gets all the sexy alphas she wants. You’re going to love where this story goes! 🔥

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