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 🩸 Mel’s Vampire Coven is complete at last!

Last updated on January 15, 2024

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The final book is here at last! Get your HEA! 

I gasped, my head falling back in pleasure at what Jax was doing to me. My legs trembled as I drew closer and closer to climax. Just the thought made my inner walls start to flutter.

Seeming to sense it, Nico grabbed my waist. Jax pulled back just in time for Nico to pick me up and throw me on my bed.

“No coming without at least one cock in you,” Nico warned.

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Mel’s Vampire Coven is angsty enemies-to-lovers RH with scars, secrets, and orgasmic vampire bites!

🩸 Badass FMC

🩸 Enemies to lovers who have to work together

🩸 Forced marriage

🩸 Matchmaker falls for her instead

🩸 Wrong twin / mistaken identity 

🩸 DOUBLE second-chance romance 

🩸 Crew of misfits expected to fail

🩸 RH with MM (always include her)

🩸 All main characters in 30s-40s

Note:  Read the FREE prequel before or after the trilogy.

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