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Joy to you all!

I hope you got to sit in a sexy Santa’s lap this holiday season! If so, do tell!

My friends just got a fun surprise in their inboxes… If you want in on the fun next time, c’mon!

It’s hard to believe that my first ever RH book came out just over half a year ago… and that you read it! 🤗

It’s truly my pleasure to bring you this fantasy RH series, and I can’t WAIT to hear what you think of the end! Book 5 arrives in January, Book 6 in April or May…

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Coming Soon…

Even the geas might not be strong enough to bend Rorik to Glori’s will… Find out if they can resolve their differences and come together at last in 👑 Queen of QueensPreorder>

If you’re dying to read it RIGHT NOW, remember you can get it and the Book 5 bonus chapter on Patreon for $1! Become a member>

Also, in January, my reader team will get to help shape my new RH standalone with witches and demons and more, oh my!

Get your name in the Acknowledgments of the ebook for all time! Provide your input after you join the team>

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