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Book 3’s launch took my breath away!

Bound to the Queen is still 99c (99p) until tomorrow! Get it here>

Only the love of five fae can convince her to become queen

The launch was amazing. Stellar, you might say. ?

At one point, Book 1 was ranked #47! ?

I had a 100-book day for the first time ever! ?

I’m thrilled beyond words, and as an author, that’s saying something! ?

Here’s what some of you said about the book so far!

KJ on Goodreads
“This was SO GOOD! So many layers, superbly interwoven; so creative; masterfully told; such amazing character development; so exciting; so hot”

Emily Pennington summed up the book, saying “Decisions, Decisions…” on

On Bookbub, @cutelittleears said:
“Glori has her fox and angel, but will she add another.”

On Goodreads, Malischa Weijkamp said, “this was so good” and added, “wonderfull character development. very sexy but also hot. Some red ears over here hahahaha.”

Kathryn on Goodreads
“The third book in the Our Fae Queen RH Series is soooo good. It is heated with plenty of incredible character development and progression in the relationships of Glori. This is a complex story that continues in world building and suspense.”

Annalisa on Goodreads
“This book was even more thrilling than the first two. The characters are realistic and the world building is very vivid. I loved this book.”

More reviews are always, ALWAYS appreciated. ? So thank you!

Here are some review tips with ideas on what to say and how to get the verified tag.

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I’m hard at work on revisions! Book 4 will be on Early Release to my Patreon members first, then go to ARC readers in early October.

Book 4 launches to Amazon and Kindle Unlimited in late October.

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