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Thanks for reading Snowed in with Shifters!

This is the shortest happily-ever-after I’ve ever written, so it was a new challenge for me!

Snowed in with Shifters is set in the same world as Rejected Wolf Pack.

Have you started it yet?

Protected by Outcasts is available on Amazon and KU. Wolf Shifters. Claiming bites. Touch her and die. Rejected by her fated mate. Exiled and in heat. Forced proximity. Growly, possessive alphas who like to watch.

How they connect…

Remember how Jasmine and her guys drop off a shipment to the Howling Echo pack, and then Ash tells them not to stop for any reason?

Jasmine realizes maybe they aren’t the ones in danger…

But Howling Echo is!

Watch how these possessive alphas protect Freya in Protected by Outcasts, Book 1 of Rejected Wolf Pack!