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Enemies-to-lovers vampire romance

Mel's Vampire Coven Book 1 cover shows ominous red roses on a magic circle background (A Match Made in Hell by Traci Lovelot)

I killed my lover when he turned into a vampire. Now I’m forced to work with three of them.

An elite mission calls for our best vampire hunter – me – but I’m shocked to find the team is full of vamps. Even worse, it’s a mission I can’t refuse, and I loathe the agent in charge. 

Hudson broke my heart a decade ago, and that was before he became a vamp. He and his equally tempting twin Jackson can go screw themselves. Even more infuriating is the buff former bodyguard Nico, who can’t keep his hungry eyes off me. 

We’re a misfit team destined to fail, almost as if someone wants it that way. It’s up to me to figure out what’s really going on here. I’ll play nice until these vamps reveal their bloodlust.

Then it’s time for what I do best… ending them with a strike to their hearts.


“Loved the characters, the dynamics, how they reacted to situations, revelations past and present, lust and angst – all so believable and likeable.”
– Amazon & Goodreads review

“Hudson, Jax, and Nico were all great MMC’s. I loved how complex everyone’s relationships were and how the group dynamic developed as the book went on.”
– Amazon & Goodreads review